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Professional Services

There's value added to each and every Florida Fire & Sound, Inc. (FFS) installation and service - if you have worked with us, you already know this. That's the reason why companies from every sector rely on us. Our superior products and services are guaranteed, providing confidence and peace of mind.

Our product line covers a wide range of fire alarm, sound, closed circuit television, card access, security, intercom, and nurse call systems.

The Difference

As an experienced specifier or contractor, you are well aware of the challenge you're facing - when it comes to choosing fire alarm, sound, security, intercom, and nurse call systems installations, your decision will have long-lasting consequences.

Whether product quality, price, or overall company reputation are your guiding parameters, take a good look at how a company supports, day in and day out, their corporate mission and their statements of value. Even a thorough verbal commitment will mean nothing unless it is backed up by timely and professional installations and services. That's what FFS consistently provides.

All of our installations are followed up with warranty service and regular maintenance by our service department, providing 24 hours a day, seven days a week service to meet all of your needs.


We offer a number of monitoring solutions.

Fire Alarms
  • UL listed monitoring with 24 hour test signal
  • DACT (Digital Dialer)
  • Ethernet
  • Wireless

  • Security Monitoring
  • DACT (Digital Dialer)
  • Ethernet
  • Wireless
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Intercom

  • There are several different monitoring programs available including opening and closing reports, listing, and supervised reporting.

    Please contact the office for our monitoring specials for an over the phone quote.